Infected by Kolaveri!

Over the last few days, millions of people in India are asking, “Why this kolaveri kolaveri kolaveri di?”. You may be wondering what the hell I am talking about but before you throw the chair at me, watch the video below:

From TV journalists to Bollywood stars to average Indians all over the world, everyone is going gaga over this seemingly nonsensical song, which, as the singer himself says, is a “flop song”. But a flop song with almost 7 million hits on YouTube?? That’s impressive, to say the least!

I was wondering why this song has captured the nation with such intensity. One factor is of course the music. It’s peppy, up-beat, contemporary, yet traditional. The second factor is that the song is ridiculously simple. You need not be a Gulzar to understand its message, or a Jasraj to sing it. Most importantly, it’s just plain and simple fun. The absurd lyrics and they way they are pronounced are sure to make you laugh and the groovy beats are bound to make your body move and your feet tap. Of course, this is no Grammy-winning material… but who cares? Whenever something new comes across and makes millions of people happy, it’s a wonderful thing and worthy of appreciation. So go ahead and just chill to the music of kolaveri di!  😎


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