Message from Mr. Ryuko Hira (ICCJ)

Dear Members/Citizens of India,

Unprecedented pain, grief, anxiety and suffering of victims require divine benovelence.Sincere prayers are always answered. Pray, Pray, Pray intensely for victims. The inherent risks of radiation coupled with economic and social recovery have substantially increased. Most foreign governments have advised their nationals to promptly depart Japan. In case of very likely scenario of higher levels of radiation, all mobility can come to a complete halt; it may be too late if you wait until last moment to decide departure. Please decide your own future promptly as all flights may be stopped later. Embassy of India has informed that the Indian Ministry of External affairs has facilitated voluntary departures to India. Our embassy has arranged special flights for which please directly contact Air India or our Embassy. One of the four mega banks MIZUHO BANK has announced system failure of all ATMs (including super market) causing great shortage of cash in hand. Please promptly manage your cash position. Please inform as soon as possible by word of mouth to all Indians, specially the non-English speaking, about AI’s special flight arrangements.

With prayers for safety and recovery


Ryuko Hira
Hon. President
S.H.Indian Merchants Association of Yokohama (ICCJ)

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