“Mundane subjects, dynamic photos” – A Workshop with Alfie Goodrich

Alfie Goodrich

Alfie Goodrich

On January 25th, I had the pleasure of joining the absolutely amazing Alfie Goodrich for a day long workshop in Tokyo. The composition focused theme of the workshop was “Mundane Subjects, Dynamic Photos”.

We started the day with a walk around the Ueno-Akihabara stretch, meandering our way through the numerous lanes and alleys looking for “mundane” subjects to which we could, through our point of view as photographers, add a touch of beauty or mystery. We hunted for abstract shapes, interesting amalgamation of colours, and anything else that caught our creative fancies.
The highlight of the workshop was a three hour critique session where each of us put forward 3 to 5 of our favourite shots from the day and everyone shared their comments on them.

Spending a day with Alfie gave me a renewed burst of creative Nitro! Over the last few months, I often got this feeling that my photography was becoming a bit predictable… not necessarily bad… but not out of the box… not drastically different from what I have been doing all this while. Today however, as I spent some time working through my photographs taken during the workshop, I am very happy with what I managed to put together. And the credit for that goes primarily to the inputs I got from Alfie as we walked around observing him and listening to his ideas and suggestions.

Thanks a ton, Alfie, for an awesome workshop… but more importantly, for triggering a fresh photographic thought process in my mind.

Find out more about Alfie Goodrich by visiting his website at http://www.alfiegoodrich.com/

Below are some of my favourite photographs from the day. You can check out the full gallery at: http://itsani.smugmug.com/Mundane-Subjects-Dynamic-Photo/


DSC_9424_Ani_800x600 DSC_9632_Ani_800x600 DSC_9615_Ani_800x600 DSC_9581_Ani_800x600 DSC_9567_Ani_800x600 DSC_9550_Ani_800x600 DSC_9547_Ani_800x600 DSC_9537_Ani_800x600 DSC_9535_Ani_800x600 DSC_9522_Ani_800x600 DSC_9518_Ani_800x600 DSC_9515_Ani_800x600 DSC_9507_Ani_800x600 DSC_9472_Ani_800x600 DSC_9470_Ani_800x600 DSC_9467_Ani_800x600 DSC_9453_Ani_800x600 DSC_9451_Ani_800x600 DSC_9445_Ani_800x600 DSC_9636_Ani_800x600

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