Press Conference by Chief Cabinet Secretary Edano

Press Conference by Chief Cabinet Secretary Edano:

  • Radiation levels at reactor 4 fluctuating, but over all, not a health hazard yet.
  • White smoke seen now from reactor 3 is probably steam. But this is not confirmed yet.
  • No report of a blast in reactor 3.
  • Part of the containment vessel at reactor 3 has probably been damaged, but cannot confirm this before further investigations. Detailed information is not yet available. Vapour is probably coming out from the damaged part of the containment vessel. Again, this cannot be confirmed as yet.
  • Water injection process is being delayed due to the conditions there but the process will be restarted soon.
  • Temperatures at reactors 5 & 6 are higher than yesterday but not an immediate concern.
  • Govt and TEPCO joint task force is considering spraying water from helicopters. Cooperation with American Army is possible.
  • Radiation leaks are the outcome of planned venting of accumulating pressure.
  • Asks public to stop buying fuel (gasoline and kerosene) in bulk.
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