The Curtains Fall on 2015


What a year this has been! So many things have changed for me that I can’t even wrap my head around everything that has happened. Many firsts, a few closures and a few very significant beginnings. A year that started slowly but picked up steam as the months passed by. A year that began with numerous worries and stresses and pressures but then began to set things right one small step at a time. I have learnt so much in the last 12 months, evolved even more as a human being, come ever more closer to knowing for certain who I want to be and what I want from the life that I am living. As they say, life is a journey… where you wish to go and how you choose to travel is up to you. 2015 has given me the answers to many of my questions.

The last sun of the year has just set and in a few hours from now, it will be time to welcome 2016 with a warm heart, renewed vigour and an open mind. Because the future is one full of promise and hope. It is time to travel, time to explore, and time to immerse ourselves in new experiences.

Happy near year everyone! Have a great year ahead!


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