Update from Mr. P. Thadathil (Counsellor, S&T, Embassy of India)

Dear All,

Pls. don’t get worried about the media reports of detecting radiation. Today, I was fortunate to get an Indian nuclear scientist working in Japan. He has 22 years of experience in safety and maintainace of Nuclrear power recators. According to him, people outside the 30 Km zone can enjoy their life as they used to be. There is no immediate threat for people staying outside 30 km.

The embassy is also in touch with Department of Atomic Energy in India for guidane. We hope that things will be normal after one week.

Therefore, pls. don’t be panic. We are continuously monitoring the situation. Keep in touch with the Embassy on daily basis to know any possible concern.

Pls. circulate this to all.

Best regards,

Pankajakshan Thadathil

Counsellor, S&T, Embassy of India.


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