Will miss the “Stevenote”

There are very few people who I really consider to be my “idols”. From my early days in the world of technology, Steve Jobs has been one personality who has stood apart and been my absolute favourite. This man’s story of humble beginnings, brash life decisions, fearless attitude, amazing brilliance and capability to innovate, his magical stage presence, his stumbles along the way and phoenix-like re-emergence contributed to creating a persona that went far beyond his professional role as the CEO of Apple.

Steve Jobs did not just give the world technical innovations. In my view, he gave millions of people the means to be happy and enjoy life. The devices that Steve Jobs and Apple combined to create broke several barriers and made cutting-edge technology more accessible and enjoyable for the masses. My personal usage of Apple products is limited to a Mac computer, an iPod and an iPhone and I have always marveled at the simplicity, artistry and technical power of every Apple product. But what I always enjoyed the most were the Apple product launches and the MacWorld conferences where Steve Jobs wowed the audience with his “reality distortion field” keynote speeches. “Stevenotes” have become part of marketing legend and I am sure that many like myself have taken inspiration from them. Over the years, as I developed my own style of creating and delivering presentations, I tried to incorporate various “Stevenote” techniques to improve myself.

One of my favourite moments was when Jobs pulled out the iPod nano from the smallest front pocket of his blue jeans! Another was when he picked up a simple brown envelope and produced the MacBook Air from it! These are just two of countless such wonderful moments that transformed a normal product launch into a fantasy stage show.  Now that Steve Jobs is no more, and having watched the iPhone 4S product launch led by Tim Cook, I am even more sure that I will personally miss the presence of Steve Jobs on the stage. I shall deeply miss the “Stevenote”. His aura shall remain unmatched for generations to come.

Steve Jobs was a technologist. He was also an artist. And we have lost our modern day Leonardo Da Vinci.

Rest in peace, Steve Jobs.


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